I was a pizza delivery driver, but I regret it. It was really late at night, and we usually had no business but this night we got a odd call. A little girl asked for a plain pizza, and we didn’t say anything to be disrespectful but me and my workers got a kick out of it.

“So who’s going?” John asked.

“Not it!” The boss said.

I guess it was down to me. It was a 15 minute drive away. We would normally only do 20 minute drives or more, but this night I didn’t really care as long as I got paid.

I loaded up my truck with the one single pizza and headed out. The drive wasn’t that bad- it was just a very long road with nothing around besides trees and bending roads going up and down. You couldn’t see anything for miles, but as I got closer to my destination this old, creepy mansion began to peak out over the road. I shivered. No lights were on.

I pulled into the driveway and before stepping out I dialed my boss. I asked him to repeat the address, just to make sure I got it right. I wish I never took this job. I immediately regretted everything- I  hated everything scary, from books to movies I couldn’t watch any of it.

I stepped out and knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked a little harder and I heard quiet footsteps heading down the stairs. I saw a light turn on in the corner of my eye, andI jolted my head to the left, staring into the eyes of whoever owned the place.

That was enough to send me running. I threw the pizza and dashed to my car. I tried to reverse out of there but the car was stuck in neutral. I kicked the dashboard and it started up.

I had my foot on the gas the whole way out of there, going 100 mph in my old Camry. The car broke down halfway up.

“Dang it!” I yelled. I quickly locked all the doors and the windows. I called the cops and the woman who answered insisted I stayed in the vehicle. I sat there for about 40 minutes waiting, until the car shook. I froze. The car continued to shake and shake and shake. I was in total fear. My passenger door slowly opened, even though it was locked. I screamed as the car began to drive by itself, right back to the house.