It is a roaring pride present in a crowd of joyous, honored people. The flag is a special thing. It symbolizes so much: pride, honor, and the great American heroes and their sacrifice for freedom. The National Anthem, similar to the flag, symbolizes the greatness of America. How could you dare to ever disrespect it?

A wave of controversy has spread across the NFL with great force, as almost every player
is making some sort of gesture of opposition. But what had even invoked this outbreak?
It was the war of words from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a bone head, to be
honest. I mean think about it, a man in the course of his overly extensive reign as
commissioner, provided no new safety precautions until now when he gets verbally bashed by sports analysts. Not only that, but he has assumed all so called “crimes” as major when, in one case, he suspended Ezekiel Elliott for 6 games when all the NFL’s leading attorney and others recommended no suspension.

In Trump’s reaction to this uprise of disrespect to our anthem, he believes there should be
consequences to these actions, such as suspension. And of course, the media and NFL
supporters jumped down his throat. Patriots owner Robert Kraft even went as far as to say,
“Trump is inappropriate and has no business sticking his nose in the NFL.”

To disrespect our president is despicable. In Trump’s defense, he is completely justified.
Despite his poor use of language choice, he is as free to speak his mind as is everyone else in this country. You elected him, not to be the typical scheming politician but represent the working middle class men and women whostruggle to put a meal on the table.

I understand that as Americans you have the right to freely express yourself. I even
understand how some might hate our president. That is just your opinion and Mr. Trump has his own opinions as well.

It is my belief that despite your possible personal vendetta against our president, he is supposed to be respected. However, our flag and anthem, like I said, don’t represent our president but our great country. So you should stand, you should honor America. But if it’s your wish to do otherwise then may your wish come true.