Friday, October 13th, 2017
Dear Diary, 

It’s been three days, five hours, and two seconds. Three seconds. Four seconds. Since I’ve had this strange feeling of something wanting to come out of my skin. But that’s not all that’s unusual. I’ve been getting weird sparks of energy. One second I’m in a deep sleep and the next, I can run a mile a minute. That’s another thing, my speed has drastically increased. It’s possible that I have gotten faster, but not this much faster. 

10 o’clock at night. Bio homework. Skin is now itching. I had to focus on Bio though and put this alien-like urge to the side. I was drawing out the molecular structure of glucose when the urge became too much to handle.

I glanced over at my hand that was holding the blue ball point pen and immediately flung it across the room in terror. The skin on the back of my hand was bubbling now. Black specks started to appear, becoming more visible by the second. My eyes adverted to the rest of my arm. It was happening there too. 

A searing pain then rushed over my whole body and I collapsed to the floor into a fetal position. My legs began cramping up, feeling as if they were going to snap from the pressure. 

Than I felt my bones snap. 

A scream that woke up the sleeping citizens of Europe left my mouth. What was happening to me? No matter how badly I wanted to escape my body, I couldn’t. 

I lay there with my eyes squeezed shut for what felt like hours on end, groaning in pain. Until it all just stopped. 

My eyes peeled open and inspected the inhuman figure that had my soul trapped inside. Thousands of brown hair follicles blanketed my skin, not one millimeter of paleness to be seen. My legs were now hind legs and my arms were now forelegs. My day-old perfect manicure was now destroyed, revealing claws that attached to my new paws. 

Deciding against my better judgement, I lifted my head and looked in the mirror. 
“No, no, no, no, no,” I cried to myself, “this can’t be real!” The only reasonable explanation for this: it’s a dream. A horrific, scaring nightmare. I probably dozed off while I was studying. Yes, that’s what it is!

Only it was clear it wasn’t a dream when my whole body filled with the urge to run outside to the full moon, and that’s exactly what I did.