There once was a babysitter named Allison who was babysitting twins. She was watching the news, when a man said, “Killer Red Roses is on the loose, lock all your doors and windows.”

Allison didn’t believe what the news man had said, so she turned off her T.V. and began to read her book, not locking any doors or windows. 

While she was reading, her answering machine said, “Red Roses, Red Roses, I’m in your world.”

She thought, “How stupid, duh, he’s in my world.”

She kept reading.

“Red Roses, Red Roses, I’m in your continent.” She knew he must be in her continent, because that’s the only place that the news channel was showing so he had to be there. 

She was getting tired of it, so she put on her headphones and began to listen to music. 

“Red Roses, Red Roses, I’m in your country.'”

Now she was a little freaked out, but not very scared. But, she was scared enough to unplug the answering machine. 

Even though it was unplugged, she still heard, “Red Roses, Red Roses, I’m in your state.”

She thought that it must be Jesse Harris who lived down the street, prank calling her to try to freak her out. 

“Red Roses, Red Roses, I’m in your city.”

Now, she began to freak out. She locked all the doors and windows except for the one in the baby’s room. 

“Red Roses, Red Roses, I’m in your neighborhood. Red Roses, Red Roses… 4 blocks, 3 blocks, 2 blocks, 1 block, Red Roses, Red Roses, I’m at your door.” 

She got really scared and ran upstairs to check on the children. The little boy was safe, but then she heard it one last time, “Red Roses, Red Roses… I’m right behind you!” Allison turned around and the last thing she saw was a man: all bloody with a knife. He stared into her eyes and chopped off her head. He put her down on a bed and put her head back into place, then placed white roses around her neck which soon turned red. He laughed and screamed “Red Roses, Red Roses, YOU’RE DEAD!”

The parents never came back home, but the parents, Allison and the girl’s souls are known to haunt that house on the day they were killed.