There was a six-year old girl named Cassandra who was very shy and quiet. She never played with the other children and preferred the company of her dolls. When her parents decided to move to a new town, the little girl didn’t find it hard to say goodbye to her old neighborhood and school. Her parents were concerned about the change, but they hoped that eventually their daughter would end up enjoying their new home.

It was an old mansion that had a large garden. Cassandra quickly got used to her new surroundings, but there were no other children her age in the area. Having nobody to play with, she became even more withdrawn and lonely.

here was an old elm tree in the garden and Cassandra’s father built her a tree house. She would take her dolls up to the tree house and spend hours there alone. As the days passed, the little girl’s behavior became increasingly bizarre. She hardly even spoke to her parents and spent every moment hidden away in her tree house. Her worried parents listened to her talking to herself for hours. When they asked her who she was talking to, she told her parents she had an imaginary friend named Bella. Her parents didn’t give it much thought because they knew that, at that age, it was common for children to have imaginary friends.

At night, the little girl would be plagued by strange dreams and she would often cry out in her sleep. One night, Cassandra’s mother heard footsteps in the hallway. Fearing it was a burglar, she woke her husband and begged him to go and see what was going on. He found Cassandra wandering aimlessly around the house. She seemed to be sleepwalking, but the disturbing thing was that her eyes were wide open and rolled back in her head. When her father called her name, Cassandra woke up totally dazed and confused, not knowing where she was. Cassandra’s behavior became even more strange and at night, her parents would find her wandering further and further away from her room. They were afraid that the little girl might wander out into the street one night and get hit by a car.

They decided to take her to a sleep clinic where they could monitor her strange sleep disorder and treat her sleepwalking. But after spending two nights at the clinic, nothing unusual was detected. In fact, Cassandra slept soundly all through the night. They took her to a psychologist, but he wasn’t able to help either. He just confirmed what the parents already knew: their daughter had an imaginary friend named Bella. The psychologist told them it was relatively common, especially since the little girl had no friends. He advised them to stop her from spending so much time alone and to try to introduce her to other children her age.

he parents followed the instructions of the psychologist and forced Cassandra to spend more time with them. They only allowed her to go into the tree house for one hour a day, but when she did, she still talked to her imaginary friend, Bella.