Once there lived a boy who lived on an island with no one but his dad and his little sister. On his little island there were many trees. His dad told him never to go close to the water.

But on one cloudy, sad day the boy did go close to the sea. He saw a girl drowning in the water! He tried to save her, but it was too late. She drowned. In her place, a doll that looked suspiciously like her rose to the surface of the water. He thought it must have been her doll. So in her honor he hung the doll on a tree.

The doll was possessed.

The doll commanded the boy to hang up more dolls and if he did so, he could be young forever. So the boy put up more and more dolls. The boy wasn’t allowed to leave the island until the doll was satisfied. He was a man in a boy’s body.

One day when the doll was satisfied with the number of dolls hung up on the trees, the doll said to the boy that he could be freed now, and that he could be happy. All he had to do was to go stand in the water and let no humans see him. But if he fails, he would be an immortal doll. The boy was confused but he wasn’t happy in a long time. So he stood in the water. But just as he did that, he saw a familiar looking lady. She was staring at him. He knew deep down inside that she was his sister.

But something was happening. He was drowning!

Man missing- if you have any information, call this number now!