Everyone’s watched a YouTube video at some point. We’ve all found that one content creator whose videos that seem to be almost made just for us, and we’ll watch every new upload of theirs. We’ll try to support them the best we can, liking, commenting, or subscribing. However, YouTube’s new policies has made it much, much harder for content creators to continue.
Recently, YouTube has implemented new policies on advertisements. For those who don’t know, the reason why content creators can spend so much time on making videos for their followings is because of ad revenue, which grants them a certain amount of money for a set amount of advertisements. Now, some advertisers threatened to curb ad spending on the website due to their products occasionally being put before, during, or after an offensive video. Now, YouTube’s response to that was far too. They’ve put in strict ad policies on monetization, or the allowance of a video to receive ad revenue, and this has led to what many creators are dubbing the “YouTube Adpocalypse.” YouTube’s demonetizing a large mass of videos, and while some truly do break these new policies, majority don’t.
One YouTuber who’s been on the platform for years now, “MsBreezy” (Formerly “KuleDud3”) recently made a video speaking out on why she’s been so inactive recently, and as to why she’s becoming discouraged with creating more content. Within an hour, it got demonetized. She expressed discontent on her Twitter page since she never cursed or showed anything graphic- it was a simple matter of her in-game avatar on screen and her speaking her opinion.
Another controversy had occurred as well. A video requesting viewers to donate to a charity set on helping those who suffered from the Las Vegas shooting was demonetized as well. After outrage was sent to the platform, YouTube replied that they won’t monetize any video relating to a tragedy, whether the intentions are good or bad. At the same time, a video discussing the Las Vegas shooting was still granted monetization. People had been pointing this out to YouTube, who still haven’t responded about the entire situation.
Finally, there’s been an issue regarding a YouTube trend, ASMR. It’s rather hard to explain, but ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a type of video where a series of sounds are generally made to help someone relax or sleep. It may sound quite odd, but it’s rather popular. Videos on this require someone to sit still for however long a video is- which usually stand from a few minutes to a few hours. Now, ASMR creators have recently been hit by the Adpocalypse as well. There’s nothing ever inappropriate about it, it’s just soft sounds, but they’ve been massively affected as well. Someone who could sit there for hours on end could upload their video to find that, within minutes, their videos lost all means of income. YouTube’s never stated why they’ve done this, and creators are still demanding a response.
Many creators, because of this, have turned to a service called Patreon, which is a platform where you can donate a set amount monthly. Creators have also asked for viewers to disable AdBlock- a browser plug-in that disables advertisements- because if they’re lucky enough to not get hit by the Adpocalypse, they’d love to earn a little more for their hard work of spending ages editing. Let’s just hope that sometime soon YouTube will return to give these creators their freedom once more.