Communism. A word that not quite everyone knows or understands. Some people who know about or have heard about communism think of it as a joke, something to make fun of. Sure communism can be funny and it’s easy to make a joke about it, but what people don’t realize is the dark truth of this four syllable word.

First of all I’ll explain what communism is. Essentially, communism is the belief that power and wealth should be spread among the people, theoretically at least. It is an idea of a liberal (more like Democrats rather than Republicans) utopia where everyone is equal and everything is shared. In reality, what communism creates is a dictatorship that requires back breaking labor by many citizens and that causes famine and death across the nation that is dominated by Communism.

Communism caused way more problems than it solved, not that it solved many problems. When it was used in the Soviet Union (the first country to use it), the economy slowly disintegrated while millions of people were dying from a lack of food or being sent to work at a Russian work camp called a Gulag. The Soviets if you study them were really not that different than the Nazis. They killed millions, they rapidly invaded and conquered surrounding countries, and it caused many pointless wars that could’ve been avoided if they hadn’t been so power crazy. Even worse, the Soviet Union caused suffering and poverty to places it controlled after the Second World War such as Poland, Bulgaria, and the east half of Germany etc.. You may be disgusted and horrified by what communism caused, however that’s not even the end of it.

When communism wasn’t breaking apart families in Germany, making Ukrainians starve and eat each other, or causing wars across the world, it was taking on another deadly rampage in Asia. By the end of the Second World War, China was dominated by communists led by the infamous Mao Zedong. The true, democratic and righteous government of China was exiled to the tiny island of Taiwan to become ROC (the Republic of China) while their once amazing country was taken over and converted into the PDRC (The people’s democratic republic of China). Despite the nice sounding name, the PDRC was really a communist dictatorship like the Soviet Union that unsurprisingly, suppressed and killed their citizens. The Soviets were harsh enough that they sent their troops in other countries to stop anti-communist rebellions with an iron fist, but China took this to another level. In 1989 they sent troops in their own country, to kill their own citizens, just because they protested (they weren’t even armed) against the Communist government. This massacre of peaceful protesters would go on to be known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The death toll was estimated to be anywhere in between the hundreds to the thousands. All this to preserve their “glorious” communism.

There’s one more communist country I want to talk about. Most of you probably know about it, most of you also have made fun of it at one point or another. This country may be humorous but it’s evil corrupt communist government is no laughing matter. This country is North Korea. The isolated country led by rocket man is indeed a communist state. That’s right, the brutal ideology that caused so much death in Russia, Germany, China, Poland and more, is in North Korea. It should be no surprise considering North Korea’s track record for human rights. The North Korean government oppresses and tortures their citizens even putting them in horrible labor camps. Sound familiar? North Korea threatens many other countries with nuclear attack, which only lessens their amount of allies and their citizens a subject of ridicule and demoralization. The Brutal dictatorship led by Kim Jong Un that has gotten attention from countries and people all over the world, is communist.

Communism didn’t just tear many countries and families apart, it also directly caused unnecessary conflicts. The Vietnam war, the Korean War, the Greek civil war, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Sino-Soviet split (a seventh month undeclared war on the Soviet-Chinese border caused by different beliefs in communism), mass famines, the Cuban middle crisis and more. As many “problems” Capitalism (the system opposite to Communism that countries such as the U.S.A use) has caused, it is nothing compared to the horrible tragedies that communism has caused around the world. Socialism isn’t bad, but when communists take it

too far it has to stop. Even famous Fascist countries (such as Nazi Germany or the Kingdom of Italy) did not cause nearly as much deaths as communist countries. Comparing the Nazi Holocaust to the Soviet Holodomor (a famine caused by the Soviet government in the Ukraine) is a 6 million deaths compared to a 12 million deaths. Then comparing all the deaths caused by countries overall it’s Germany, Italy and Japan’s 60 million deaths compared to the Soviet Union and China’s 100 million. The Cold War lasted from immediately after World War Two to 1991. During that time Capitalism and Communism clashed many times. America was always there fighting communism fiercely. There was one phrase, an American phrase, popular in the 1950’s during the “Red Scare” (red is the color of Communism). This phrase was “Better Dead than Red”.