The school store sells fidget spinners for students for about a dollar. The school store opens during lunch on Tuesday and Friday! That’s how students buy them in our school.

Fidget spinners are a big issue in our school, because administrators, teachers and students have very strong opinions about the spinners.

Some students buy fidget spinners because they have trouble focusing in class, while others want to play with the fidget spinners during class time.

Fidget spinners were invented in 1993! Fidget spinners could be a big distraction because spinners sometimes get sold and traded. Another reason is that it could lead to nasty fights over the toys. Also, some kids have gotten badly hurt while trying to perform spinner-tossing tricks, according to Kara Corridan in Scholastic magazine StoryWorks.

On the other hand, fidget spinners can be a good thing in the classroom because they help students who have trouble paying attention during class. The other reason is that spinners can calm kids down who have a hard time concentrating in school. However, fidget spinners shouldn’t distract the people around you.

When I did my research on fidget spinners, U.S. News World Report said that “fidget spinners,  ‘a type of fidget object,’ could be very counterproductive.”

Eighth Grade Students and Staff Speak About Speakers

Noah Glickman thinks that fidget spinners are not a good thing in the classroom. He said,  “No. They would distract kids who are using them and kids that want them.”

John Rasizzi also thinks that fidget spinners would be a big distraction in the classroom. He said, “Yes, because they move and make noise.”

Stephen Eder thinks that fidget spinners would not be a big distraction in the classroom. He said, “Me personally, I think fidget spinners are a waste of time to use in the classroom when you could be learning valuable information, and yes they are probably distacting.”

Allie Eder thinks that fidget spinners might be a distraction in the classroom. She said “They can be a distraction to kids that have trouble concentrating, but it depends on the child.”

Ms. Verdone thinks that fidget spinners could be a good or a bad thing in the classroom. She said, “I think that for some students, fidget spinners are helpful. For other students, they are a distraction.”

Mrs. Brennan (Ms. Bernstein) thinks that fidget spinners are a big distraction because they cause students not to focus on their school work. She says, “I think that fidget spinners have become a big distraction because students’ focus becomes about the style and color, rather than the purpose of the spinner.”

Ms. Donovan thinks that fidget spinners could be a good thing in the classroom: “Yes, the right, respectful use of the spinners, use that doesn’t disrupt anyone’s learning, is fine in the classroom.”

No Spinning Out of Control for our Principal

Our principal, Mr. Dennis, shared his fulfilling thoughts about fidget spinners:

“All people learn and concentrate differently. The idea of a fidget spinner is something that many people believe in, that is being able to use something physical to relieve stress, maintain focus, build stamina and concentration, etc. I recently visited two classrooms and saw that students were creating their own stress balls. This idea is something that I support. My concern, however, is that often times students confuse the purpose of these objects and abuse their original intention. Students who truly need something to concentrate should be afforded that opportunity. With that, however, comes the responsibility to appropriately use the object and build the skill of maintaining focus and concentration. Mental health experts report that mindlessly playing with things like this while thinking can help students concentrate better while also being soothing. The caution is to ensure that the tool does not become a toy and/or a distraction for other students who may not require the tool to focus. Once a tool becomes a distraction to the learning environment, it loses its purpose and functionality.”

Fidget spinners are a positive thing in class because it could help students who have a hard time paying attention. But, people have different opinions about fidget spinners! What are your thoughts? Leave a comment here.