At North Shore Middle School, students all have lockers. Lockers are where people keep their stuff. Sometimes people go to their locker for comfort, because they want a drink or a sweatshirt, or because it is convenient! Students have lockers so they don’t have to keep all their materials in their hands.

What if we try for one week to not use our lockers? One reason why we should try this is because you are cramped when you try to open your locker. With a top locker, you are reaching over someone, and it can be hard sometimes. For the bottom locker owners, you have a chance of being hit with a notebook or a binder dropped out of a top locker. One of the down sides of keeping all our stuff in our bags is that it could take up a lot of space in the classroom. In the article, “At Metro High Schools, Lockers are Losing their Luster” it says,  “Locker use was so spotty at Lakeville North High School that 500 lockers were knocked out to make room for new cybercafes.” This means that so many kids were not using their lockers, so they took the lockers out and made space for students to study.

I have talked to some students and teachers to see what they think. Mr. Papa has said that he thinks lockers are necessary but one student should get one whole column. Instead of only one locker, they will get two lockers. I thought that if one student gets two lockers then they can place their backpack and their jacket in one locker, and in the other locker they can place all their materials.

I asked a 8th grader what he thought about this. Because he is an eighth grader, he has had a lot of experience using lockers at NSMS. He says that the lockers are to keep books and papers in but it would be cool to be able to carry your backpack around instead. He also said he broke his iPad twice because it fell out of his locker.

I also interviewed a sixth grader. She thought it would be good for students to be able to use lockers and bags and thought it would be nice if the school gave everyone a drawstring bag so that students could carry some of their books with them. This way, students would not have to go to their lockers between every class and it would be less to carry around.

Overall people want a full locker for more space. Maybe it’s time we reconsider having bigger lockers at NSMS.