The 6th grade hallways are erupting with the perpetual noises of fierce arguments and lockers being slammed shut.

Many of the arguments being had are originating from the new 6th grade trend of locker slamming. A sneaky 6th grader will creep up on a friend then “SLAM!” The sneaky 6th grader slammed a poor victim’s locker shut, resulting in them being late for class and getting in trouble and blamed for being late. 

Many students have a firm opinion that this trend is large enough of a catastrophe to write an article in the paper about it. So, I confronted some students and teachers about it and they had hefty opinions on the trend and, for the most part, were all against it. 

Sixth grader Harry Levin has strong dislikes about this trend, like most people, but he believes that encouraging the kids to stop is a motivation for them to keep repeatedly slamming lockers over and over again. Fellow sixth grader, Gavin Springer, really wishes that the kids who participate in the trend should get a call home. Eighth grader Finn O’Sullivan quoted that he believes that teachers should be standing around in the hall keeping a close eye on the lockers so that the kids will be less inclined to do it again because it would majorly risk getting them in trouble. 

Locker slamming is a outrage that needs to end instantaneously.