It’s finally your time, you get to your locker, then BAM! The bell goes off and you are late to class.

At NSMS kids with top lockers are not so happy.

Teachers and students have been interviewed. The question that was asked was: What are some things you don’t like about having a top locker. Mostly everyone had nothing but complaints. Sienna Peracia from NSMS, says that people are late to class because they have to wait for the person on the bottom to finish, and they know they are going to make students late, this has also happened to Sienna and other students.

Hannah Gilliam from NSMS said, kids have to lean over the person underneath them and when you are leaning over them it’s hard to put in your combination. Another problem is you don’t have a place to put books down. Imagine trying to hold books in one hand, leaning over someone and trying to put in a combination all at the same time. The only way we can fix this problem is to set up a schedule with the person underneath, deciding who goes first depending on where s/he has to be next period.

People, listen up! Why don’t you let the top locker people go first for a change! Consider everyone has to be somewhere at the same time as you.