If you are the type of person to own a messy locker, this article is for you!

I am going to teach you how to turn your lockers from ugh to WOW! I have interviewed 9 teachers, students and family members to get all of this valuable information to give you.

One of the students I interviewed was James Salerno, an 8th grader at North Shore Middle School aka NSMS. Salerno advised me that you should not have big shelves or else you won’t have room to hang up your backpack. Folding backpacks can cause more mess and may ruin the backpack.

I also asked another source, Betsy Barnes, a scientist at North Well Heath her opinion on lockers. She told me of her own experiences and told me some don’ts and problems to think about. Some problems are: How does your winter coat fit into your locker? If you have a shelf with two shelves does it or does it not cause problems or loss of space? If you put all your books in your locker all at once will it all fit or do lockers need to be larger to fit everything?

I also have a tip:

1. Don’t put extra stuff into your locker if you are unsure if it fits or it might cause more mess.

2. DO NOT LEAVE FOOD IN YOUR LOCKER FOR MORE THAN A DAY! If you do your locker will smell.

Ponder this!

Are mirrors really that important? Why or why not?