Top lockers are overrated. It seems most people in North Shore Middle School do not want a bottom locker. But you should understand the truth of top lockers. There are a lot of struggles that people with top lockers have to conquer. You may disagree, but, according to many, students with top lockers have trouble.

     According to Anna. B, a sixth grade student, it is challenging to have a person under you trying to get their books. Sometimes, in the morning, the person under her takes a long time to get all his books. This leaves her struggling to get to class.

     Also, Mia Perciballi thinks that it is hard to reach over people while holding all of your books and trying to open your locker. Other struggles that are caused from this problem can be simply opening up your locker. People struggle everyday trying to open a locker on the first try. This causes them to sometimes become late for advisory or other classes. Many kids sprint through the halls to get to their lockers or try to get to class on time.     

     NSMS students like Sydney Fitzpatrick believe their supplies get disorganized in their lockers because they have to reach over the person under them while they are trying to get their books. This causes them to drop many things on people under them. This hurts the person under them and also makes her feel guilty: “It makes me feel guilty and I feel bad because I know it wasn’t their fault that I dropped it, but it sometimes is their fault because I ask them to move and they ignore me while I am trying to hold all of my books and one of my books slip out…most of the time the person under me could be more productive.” As you can see, it is not always the fault of the person who drops the books. But some people can’t reach over the person under him/her and get to the locker. Sometimes, locker-users drop all their things and become unorganized, and even show up late to class.

     In North Shore Middle School, most people want a top locker, but if you want to know the truth, they are overrated. They are unorganized, you have to be careful of dropping things, and it can make you late to class. So stop complaining, because top lockers aren’t that great.