Hello, Hershey lovers! Hershey has made a new candy bar. And guess what? It does not have any chocolate! While Hershey is known for its milk chocolate, they have been producing candy for many years. Milton Hershey’s first candy were caramels, made with fresh milk.  They also produce Reese’s candies, Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers. They are probably most famous for Hershey’s kisses, named after the sound the kiss makes as it comes out of the machine.

            Now Hershey has made a new bar.  Their newest type of bar is Hershey’s Gold. This bar consists of Caramelized creme, pretzels and has peanuts baked inside.  This bar has no chocolate. This bar is special because of the caramelized creme. In the article, “Hershey’s is releasing a new candy bar but it’s not made of chocolate;” it states: “Hershey says it turns the white creme gold by browning the sugar inside. That gives Gold bars a ‘sweet, buttery, taste’ topped with a creamy finish.” This bar has different shapes. A regular milk chocolate bar is 3 by 4. This Hershey’s Gold bar is split into 6 pieces. Hershey decided to go crazy with its pips. That’s what they call pieces of each bar, and the Hershey Gold bar have two different sizes puzzle piece together horizontally and vertically.

            Did you know that Hershey is going to be advertising these chocolate bars in the next Winter Olympics? As delicious as the bars sound we cannot get these until December 1st. But if you can’t wait, you can pick some up sooner in Hershey’s  Chocolate World theme parks in Hershey, Pennsylvania or Las Vegas. When you buy Hershey products, you can feel good because the Milton Hershey Company uses its profits to fund The Milton Hershey School. So, go try the new bar and feel good about helping a great cause!