“Taste The Gold”

One of the world’s most popular Chocolate companies is coming out with a new candy bar.

Calling All Chocolate Lovers! This December, Hershey will be coming out with Edible Gold! This bar will be a new American favorite. The new Hershey’s GOLD bar, that has no chocolate, and, according to hersheys.com, has a mix of “buttery- sweet créme with salty bits of pretzel and peanut” for a yummy sweet and salty taste, is exciting and unusual.

Sounds great, right? The way it’s described, you probably want to go buy one right now. Well, guess what? This bar is $11.99, and guess how much the normal milk chocolate bar is? $1.99!! Hopefully, this insane price is just because it is new. Why would someone buy a chocolate bar for three times the amount of a normal bar? Would you?

We asked students like Rebecca Grossman: Would you try the new Hershey’s GOLD bar? She said, “Yes.” And what if the bar was $11.99 and the original is $1.99? She said, “No way!!” We also asked Anna Baghdassarian too, she said, “Yes, I would try it.” And she explained, “If someone else was paying for me, then I would,” for the price.

Are you ready to taste the Gold?! Then, open a treasure chest and reach for the golden cash.