The Frustrating Locker Slamming Trend

You’re taking your books out of your locker, then BANG! Someone slammed your locker. You say, “Yo, why did you do that?” He responds, “Cause it was fun.” You go to your locker to open it. It’s a little jammed. BANG! Everything has fallen off of you locker door and onto the floor. Now you have to throw all your stuff that’s on the floor into your locker and run into class and try not to be late. RING!  That’s the bell. You’re late to class.The only thing is, it is not your fault?.

Slamming shut someone’s locker isn’t okay. Locker Slamming is a form of bullying. It makes a student upset and not feel awesome. You can mess up and jam someone’s locker too.Locker slamming is when a student isn’t looking and another student comes up, either behind that student or next to her, and slams her locker shut.

When a journalist asked Ms.Abel: “ Is slamming lockers okay to you? Why and why not?” She automatically said no. She stated, “Very annoying. Shocking. Unnecessary. Catastrophic.”

Locker Slamming happens in the hallways of North Shore Middle School. Your locker can get slammed any day at any time. You’re not alone if this has happened to you. If you are a victim, you need to go to your guidance counselor and report this. Don’t be afraid to stand up to a bully. Lockers aren’t supposed to be a challenge, so let’s fix this challenge.