Would you want a bottom locker or a top locker?

Well, when asked a similar question, students had a lot to say. Students were asked what they noticed about bottom lockers and what they would change. A lot of people say that it’s uncomfortable to have a bottom locker, and the person with the top locker takes too long and sometimes even drops books, causing injuries. In fact, not one person said that they liked bottom lockers; most of them said that they hated it and would much rather have a full row of lockers.

Mr. Papa, the school security guard, demands a full row of lockers because of everything that’s happening. He thinks that it would be easier to get to and less of a struggle for bottom locker people and even top locker people. As a person with a bottom locker, I would rather have a top locker or a full row of lockers too. Bottom lockers are also more prone to locker slamming, a.k.a. five-starring. When you’re walking in the hall, it’s easier to kick someone’s locker shut when a person is not looking than to reach up and slam a top locker. That can cause even more problems such as finger jamming, and maybe some people can get their heads hit. Some people have even gone to the guidance counselor to complain about locker slamming.

Honestly, would you want a locker that you have to kneel down for or a locker that you need to stand up for?