“You can’t be ordinary when you were born to stand out”.

The New York Times bestselling book, Wonder by Raquel J. Palacio, is now in theaters! If you have not read the book, it is a heart warming story about a boy with facial differences, who goes to school for the first time. August Pullman, the main character, faces challenges but works through them with the help of his family and friends.

Although the movie left out some parts of the book and changed some parts, the overall effect was still as powerful. One part that was left out was describing what happened at the ice cream parlor with Jack Will’s little brother. Also, they changed how Jack Will and August were messaging on Facebook to Minecraft. This change worked well because a lot of boys and girls use Minecraft much more than Facebook today.

It was still AMAZING because the movie has much more meaning than a few missing or changed parts. The meaning of the movie is not to be a bully and don’t judge someone by how they look.

Jacob Tremblay played August in the heartwarming film, and Julia Roberts played August’s mom. She truly portrayed a kind, sweet, loving mom. Noah Jupe played Jack Will in Wonder. He portrayed a nice and loyal friend.

Although Jack Will and August had some ups and downs, at the end of the movie they are best of friends, showing us true friends are meant to be, even with bumps in the road.

I hope you will read the book or go and see the movie!!