Starting in 1903 Binney & Smith (now known as Crayola) made their first box of crayons. Once these crayons became special, they needed their own name. Binney’s wife Alice Binney, a school teacher, came up with the perfect name Crayola. Craie, the French term for chalk, and ola, the Latin term for oily. She came up with this name because the company’s first product was non-dusty chalk.

For more than 100 years Crayola crayons have been making children all over the world jubilant. But as childhood comes and goes, Crayola crayons do too. Dandelion Yellow was added into the Crayola crayon family in 1990. On March, 31, 2017, Dandelion Yellow became another retired crayon.

Lucky for children, Crayola came out with a new crayon! A new type of blue, or Bluetiful. When you get to know bluetiful at, it explains the nickname of the new color, about the crayon, the crayon’s favorite hobbies, and what the crayon believes in. This is a great introduction of the new crayon. The new crayon was named by people all over North America. The new Crayola crayon will become a new child favorite.