Madagascar is a stunningly gorgeous country that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists per year with high hopes for an amazing beautiful adventure that one can seek nowhere else. Well, now that unfortunately will change due to the catastrophe that Madagascar’s citizens are suffering from in their beloved isolated island nation right now, of which makes me teary eyed and heartbroken just thinking about what they are suffering from.

The plague is a deadly disease spread through the nation’s new most feared animal- fleas- that has been feared for hundreds of years. According to History Today, in the fourteen hundreds, the disease nearly killed a third of all of Europe, but thanks to modern medical technology, there are now on average less than 400 cases reported per year. But in result of the fourteen hundreds, just listening to the hated name results in most of us shuddering.

This deadly disease has put countless Madagascar residents at unease because their beloved country is struggling through the most enormous plague outbreak in the past century, affecting over 1,800 people so far and being responsible for the deaths of over 130 people, according to CNN news. There are still 5 months awaiting before the conclusion of the plague season. Let’s conceptualize: say you unfortunately end up being one of the unlucky ones who gets diagnosed with this devastating bacterial infection- you will begin to run a tedious fever, then the discomforting pains in the abdomen and its muscles will kick in.

I learned from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that some gastrointestinal symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. You will also begin coughing up blood and bleeding from your ears, mouth, nose and eyes. In certain areas, you will get swollen and your skin will begin to blacken in result of the death of your skin, which is where the nickname of this infection, the Black Death, came from. The country is unfortunately used to facing a few cases of the Bubonic Plague, which is the less deadly kind of plague that occurs every year in a few tiny, densely populated regions.

But this year is a disbelieving exception and the outbreak is big enough that it has spread all the way to the most rich and populated cities in the nation. What makes the whole nightmare even more traumatic is that this year, the outbreak is of a much deadlier version that makes up of only 10% of the disease that is known as the pneumonic plague. Let’s all have high hopes for the lovely citizens of our beloved Madagascar.