This is a story about Parker Trager, The North Shore Middle School master of solving rubix cubes. Parker has been to tons of competitions. He has traveled to Indiana, Maryland, Brooklyn, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Queens, and Manhasset! The rubix cube master has solved an amazing amount of rubix cubes by using only his feet, 2 hands, 1 hand , blind folded, and with his face!
Here are some questions I asked Parker Trager:

Q: “What made you start solving rubix cubes?”

A: “One day I was very bored so I started reading the Guiness Book of World Records, after reading for a decent portion of time I stumbled across the page about rubix cubes. Based off of how amazingly fast the time was I instinctively assumed that it was easy. Eventually I purchased my very first cube. After some help from my mind and the internet I was able to crack it down within an hour.”

Q: “Why do you solve Rubik Cubes?”

A: “Once I figured it out that I had this talent. I became absolutely obsessed. Not only was I being equipped with this extremely fun skill, I was also learning a easy strategy to relieve my stress and anxiety. Learning this resulted in me becoming a much more positive and different person than I was before starting to solve the cubes. It changed my life entirely. I also loved the competitions I went to. They were the one place where I was happiest. Still to this day competition days are the best days of my life. At the competitions, I am meeting new people who share similar interest with me and collaborating with them. I also travel the world to compete. These are all my passions.”

Q: “When you get to your competitions does age matter?”

A: “The Average age is about 14-16 but to me the age does not really matter. 15 year olds can average about 5 seconds. Others get 20 seconds. 9-10 year olds get about 8 to 9 seconds.”

Q: “At competitions do you solve the Rubix cubes faster than on a regular basis?”

A: “Pressure always attacks my nerves. I usually end up failing by 2 seconds, which is an insane amount at competitions.”