Netflix just announced on Friday, December 1st that Stranger Things is coming out with a season 3! If you are a really dedicated Stranger Things fan, get ready to wait till January 2019!

You may think this is insane but it does take about one week to make an episode without errors! To make a season full of episodes, it would normally take up to a month!

But, if you’re a true Stranger Things lover, you’ll be willing to wait that long. Stranger Things is an Emmy Award winning show! Creators of Stranger Things, The Duffler Brothers, claim that this is a Sci-fi series but there’s more, Stranger Things has comedy, romance, action, and adventure!

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, you are probably really confused right now, well, let me give you a brief summary. In the story a group of friends (Dustin, Mike, And Lucas) try to find their friend, Will, who may be trapped in the Upside down! (The upside down is like an underworld) On the way they find a girl named Eleven who has superpowers! Eleven’s superpowers helped see Will but how were they going to find him? Watch the show to find out!


If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet and now want to, catch up before season 3 comes out!


“I’m going to bring him home!”

-Joyce Byers (Will’s mom)


 (Photo Credit: Netflix)