Every year, the 6th graders of NSMS go to the YMCA camp Greenkill, NY. In Greenkill, you do team building exercises, survival skills, and much more!

You get on a bus at 7:00 a.m and arrive there at around 10:00 a.m. When you get there you’re assigned a cabin and cabin mates. You then get into a group with your naturalists (tour guides) and go on a hike. Then it’s lunch and your KP (Kitchen Patrol) comes early to meals and stays late to set up and clean up.This teaches kids how to be responsible and clean up after themselves.

After lunch, you meet with your naturalists and the rest of your group and go on another hike. On the hike, you might make fire or build shelters or just go on a plain old hike. After that you go back to your cabins and get ready for dinner.

One of the biggest problems at Greenkill is food waste. There’s a white bucket at each table and each time you get something from the salad bar or oatmeal bar, you have to put the waste from it in the food waste bucket. After the first dinner, the bucket weighed 9 pounds. The last night we had ½ a pound! This teaches kids to take only what you need and eat what you have. The last day, the NSMS gets back on their buses and goes home. We eat lunch on the bus- this year, we had turkey sandwich and other snacks.

When we pull up to the front circle of NSMS, most parents are already there to pick up their kids.


  1. When I went to Greenkill, It was a amazing feld trip! I felt very excited and very nervous when I stayed there during he night. The teachrs decide the food that the students eat. I had a amazing and awesome time at Grenkill.