The former MVP for the National League has been traded to the Yankees. Giancarlo Stanton had 59 home runs, 132 runs batted in, and in addition to that, he had 168 hits last year.

Stanton met with The San Francisco Giants and The St. Louis Cardinals. He did not want to play on either team. Then, Stanton submitted a list of the teams that he wanted to join. They were the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Houston Astros, and the Chicago Cubs.

Giancarlo Stanton had the most home runs of any major league player in 16 seasons. The reason he was traded was that the Miami Marlins did not want to pay his salary. He has 10 years for $295 Million still remaining on his 13-year-contract. So now the Yankees are paying for him.

The Marlins were sold to Derek Jeter and his partner for 1.2 billion dollars, and they have a new manager. However, it’s not enough for Stanton.

Stanton has yet to play on a winning team in his career. His team, the Miami Marlins, averages 89 loses a year. Now he is with The Yankees, who won 91 games last year and also made it to the American League Championship Series. New York’s lineup couldn’t be more powerful. With an N.L M.V.P and a Rookie Of The Year, their team couldn’t be better.

In the article “Giancarlo Stanton Officially Traded To Yankee,s” it says, ” The only team in major league history with two players who hit 50 or more home runs were the 1961 Yankees, with Rodger Maris setting a then record with 61 and his teammate Mickey Mantle hitting 54.” The Yankees have a chance to set the record for two players who hit 50 or more home runs. With Stanton and Judge, last year’s Rookie of the Year, it is going to be a tough season for pitchers.