Some fun things you can do when you have nothing to do on Christmas

~ Make a Gingerbread house! 

Gingerbread houses are always a sweet tradition for your family to have fun with! All you need is gingerbread, icing, and some sweets! Sometimes stores like Whole Foods, supermarkets, or CVS sell kits to make a gingerbread house, too!

~Play in the snow!

Playing in the snow is an all time favorite for almost everyone! You can make snowmen or forts, and have snowball fights! Also, hide and seek in the snow is probably even better than without snow!

~Sing Christmas carols!

During Christmas time, Christmas carols make everyone happy! Sing songs like “Silent Night”, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, “Jingle Bells”, and more! Many families like to meet up and perform for their neighborhood!

~Help the homeless!

During the holidays, some families go to big cities, buy some food, and hand them out to anyone needy or homeless. This makes everyone happy during the holidays!

~Watch a Christmas Movie!

Movies like Elf, Griswold’s Family Christmas, The Santa Clause, and more are perfect movies for you and your family to watch and relax!