Are you ready for the 2018 winter Olympic Games? I know I am.

The 2018 Winter Olympics is taking place in February from the 9th to the 25th. The qualifying for the Olympics take place from November 1st, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

The Olympics are taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

According to AccuWeather Pyeongchang, “South Korea beat out Munich, Germany and Annecy, France to host the games”.

The events that will be taking place are alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, Nordic combined, short track speed skating, Skelton, ski jumping, snowboarding and speed skating.

Many countries were invited back to the 2018 Olympic Games, but not Russia though. Why, you may ask?

Russia was not invited back because some athletes representing Russia were using performance enhancing drugs, which meant those drugs made them faster and stronger. The only way Russian athletes can compete is by passing a strict scrutiny and instead of wearing their uniforms, they will compete under the name “Olympic Athlete from Russia” (OAR). They will compete with a uniform bearing the name OAR and under the Olympic flag. In any ceremony the Olympic Anthem will be played.

Well, I hope you are getting ready for the 2018 Olympics!!!