On Sunday night, the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the New England Patriots. Ryan Shazier was in one of the suites at the game. Ryan Shazier has been in the hospital since his spinal surgery. On week 13, while playing the Bengals, in an attempt to tackle Bengals wide receiver Josh Malone, Shazier took a hard hit and was injured. In week 14, the Steelers clinched the AFC North Title. They gave him a division champions hat and t-shirt. In the article “Ryan Shazier Makes Surprise Appearance at Steelers- Pats Game,” “We would have loved to win this one for him,” quarterback Ben Rothlisburger said. “To see him it was really cool.” This shows that the Pittsburgh Steelers care for Shazier. He has been injured since week thirteen, but he is feeling better. Shazier is not going to be playing the rest of the season. He will continue to support his team from the sidelines.

Included is a picture of Ryan Shazier injured in week 13. He couldn’t get off the field. They put him on a stretcher and drove him off the field.

Next is a picture of Ryan Shazier at the game waving a towel. It says he has been injured since week 13. Now it is week 16.

photo credit: Sports Illustrated