From 1955-1975, soldiers from countries all over the world met in the lush jungles of Vietnam for a brutal blood bath. Americans, Australians, Chinese, Koreans and even Cubans lost their lives on this land. But why, how, and what could possibly justify such a large scale slaughter? Well,maybe because of millions of Americans who were not willing to make a shred of sacrifice to allow the millions who died in Vietnam have a purpose.
Obviously no one “wants” war, that’s a no brainer. It is just a common human feeling to want to avoid deadly conflict. However, there is a difference between wanting war, and wanting to support your country, or finishing what you started. Obviously the insensitive hippies who opposed the Vietnam war could not comprehend this spectrum. What I am even talking about? Well I’ll tell you. As the Vietnam war progressed, the American people started to develop two opinions and split into two groups. The Hawks and the Doves. The Doves opposed war, they wanted to pull out of Vietnam, and bring what they saw as “peace” to the United States. On the other side of the spectrum, the Hawks believed that the war should be continued, and that the population back at home should support our troops. In theory, what the Doves wanted and believed in was reasonable. However, theories aren’t good enough. The Doves were essentially disrespecting, and even disregarding, all the brave men and women who were fighting and even dying in some far off jungle because they are heroic enough to serve their country. The people who opposed the Vietnam war were showing a cowardice unprecedented by the American people in a war time. They weren’t even the ones fighting, they stood on the sidelines as others fought their battles, yet they had the nerve to complain? You didn’t hear the Americans, Australians, Koreans, Filipinos, and so many more who were fighting, and being tortured in some third world country complain! It simply disgusts me to see that some people can just turn their back on the thousands of people who risk their lives to ensure that they may live comfortably. In no way do I, or any of person who supported the Vietnam war, enjoy the amount of casualties, or the harsh conditions faced in Vietnam. However, this is a common occurrence in all wars, so why should we turn our back on an operation that we had pooled so much resources and lives into. Shouldn’t we finish what we start? Shouldn’t we give those who died horribly in Vietnam the honor of making sure their sacrifice worth something? Well, it’s too late, and now because of some hippies and cowards the thousands of deaths that occurred in Vietnam amounted to nothing except for a new communist country to oppose the U.S, and an embarrassment to the entire United States. Let this grave mistake never be repeated again.