Trump does not have the right judgement to be our President!

One reason President Trump should get impeached is that, supposedly, he was aware the Russian President Vladimir Putin could hack into our election. Then, supposedly, he was lying and not telling the American people the truth in the Presidential Debates so he could be able to win the election.

Impeachment means to charge the person in public office with misconduct.

The Constitution says that foreign governments cannot get involved in our elections. According to David G Savage in the Los Angeles Times, “Known as the ‘emoluments clause,’ the provision says “no person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign state.”

Next, he insulted our allies. For example, he insulted Germany when he was in Europe and not having a good relationship with them! President Trump told our allies that if they do get into a war with Russia, he will not help them. According to the HuffPost, “President Donald Trump continued to insult and criticize Haiti and African nations while denying he called them  ‘@#$%___ countries’ during a meeting with lawmakers on Thursday.” This is very dangerous because then Haiti and African nations will not have a friendship with us and maybe a war could occur. Some people do not think before they say.

The last reason why President Trump should get impeached is that he told the Russians that ISIS was putting bombs into our computers, also he told them secrets about our military that he was not supposed to tell them. He did a serious crime by telling the Russians secret information. The lesson is that he should not told the Russians top information, because it could cause bad damage to our national security. According to the Atlantic, in “How Bad Is Disclosing ‘Code Word’ Information” by Amy Zegart,” this information cannot be told to anybody because “Code word is beyond Top Secret.”

Top secret is very dangerous, Mr. President. Our nation will be embarrassed. You need to have the right judgement as to what is happening right now.


  1. I think that you should get impeached because he told the Russian very Top Secret information that he should not told them in the first place. The Russian are very bad and dangerous people because they hacked into our presidential elections on purpose so President Trump could be able to win the election last year! I think that the Russian should not involved in our elections! Maybe good something!