The Divisional Round…

Joe Ciampa

With only eight teams left standing (The Patriots, Jaguars, Titans, Steelers, Falcons, Eagles, Vikings, Saints) the Super Bowl speculations can start to creep in. With the battle of the birds, Falcons @ Eagles, the travel back in time, Saints @ Vikings, and the AFC games that I couldn’t think of a good name for, we are close to the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

Here are the seeds going into the divisional round:


1)The Patriots

2)The Steelers

3) the Jaguars

4) The Titans


1) The Eagles

2) The Vikings

3) The Saints

4) Falcons

Based off of many articles, podcasts etc., I have heard and watched the most predicted teams to advance to the championship, and they are as follows:

The Falcons will beat the Eagles.

Although the Falcons came in as 6th seed, I believe they will beat the first seed, the Eagles, because their key player, Carson Wentz (the Quarterback), got injured after the Eagles clinched the playoff spot. With that said, I still do believe this to be a very close game, but I think the Falcons will pull through.

The Vikings will beat the Saints.

Okay, let me start with this. I have always had an abundant amount of respect for Drew Brees. He has always performed above standard, and still looks great for a 38 year old. But, I think the Viking’s looming defense will stop the power of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.

The Steelers will beat the Jaguars.

Let’s just say this, if Blake Bortles throws the ball over 15 times, the Steelers win will be easier.

The Patriots will beat the Titans.

To clear things up, I am not a patriots fan, I am a Jets fan. Even though I want the Titans to win badly I just know it’s not gonna happen. With an incredible offense and a defense not to be messed with I would say the win goes to New England.

Any thoughts? Any burning opinions? Comment down below, and I will respond if its prior to the Divisional Round of 2018.

(The results of the divisional round were a win by the Patriots, Jaguars, and Eagles and a thrilling last second win by the Vikings)