It’s Valentine’s Day! You know what that means

Discount chocolate for all your needs

Just wait a while for the next day

The full price, you won’t have to pay.


Eat away your pain at home

Don’t think about the fact that you’re alone

No girlfriend? Boyfriend? You’ll be fine!

There’s plenty of candy for you to find


So what if you’re a loner? That’s alright!

Besides, all lovers do is yell and fight

Don’t worry though, love’s a lie!

Keep telling yourself that, just don’t cry


Romance is lame, stay in your room!

Social activity just leads to doom

Heartbreak and struggle is all you’ll get

There’s more to say, I’m not done yet!


Valentine’s day is all a ploy

So you can buy your lover some toy

Spend some money on some chocolate hearts

But next week you’ll break apart


With that said, don’t be so sad!

Being alone isn’t all that bad

I mean, loners like us stick together!

So what if we’re alone forever?