My favorite hobby is to get autographs from famous politicians because one day their autograph might be very valuable when they pass away.

I got autographs from President Obama, the former president of our country, and George H. W Bush and his son George W. Bush. Also, I got autographs from senators such as Senator Tim Kaine, a senator for Virginia, who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate during the campaign, Senator Elizabeth Warren, a senator of Massachusetts, and Senator Susan Collins, who is a senator for Maine. My goal is to get autographs from President Trump, Vice President Pence, and from Speaker Paul Ryan during this school year.

I wrote to President Obama because he is a Democrat, who believes that illegal immigrants should have civil rights in our country, and I like the way he thinks on the issues that are happening around the world. The last reason is that I wanted to tell him that he was a good President of our country and that I wanted to get his autograph in the mail. I want to write to the politicians that I admire in both parties.

The first step to get an autograph is to you must look up their address by using the internet. When I looked up President Obama’s address, it was the White House. The address of the White House was 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W Washington DC 20500.

Included is a photo of what I received in the mail.

I am going to write another article about this later in the year about me getting an autograph with Senator John McCain, who is a senator who represents the state Arizona in the United States Senate.

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