When starting with a drawing, you should use red circles to show what position the body is going to be in and where the head is. And if you need to, you can add any other shapes.


Then use blue and make a sloppy sketch; this will show you what the character is doing or feeling. Whether they’re doing a silly dance or doing a pose, this part is essential in trying to draw your character.

Then use green to show any important details such as clothing, tattoos or facial hair. Little things like these can really express your character’s personality or who they are as a person (or animal).


Then trace it and clean up any lines you don’t want or need. It’s important to erase any small mistakes that need fixing or if they just don’t belong there.

After tracing in black, choose the colors you think would suit the character most and color it in. When coloring, make sure there are no white spots, especially if they’re big enough to be noticed. Make sure they don’t show.


Try it out, take your time, and enjoy!