Since ancient times, all the way back to Ancient Egypt, cats were praised and kept as pets. Even worshipped. And although dogs are answering the timeless question with a few borks and some evidence, cats are keeping it cool with their clever understanding about the hierarchy that is; Cats or Dogs.

Taking Over the Internet

Cats definitely have more influence than dogs on Social Media. Channels like Juns Kitchen, Cole and Marmalade, Aaron’s Animals, and Talking Kitty Cat have been taking over YouTube. And on Instagram, @white_coffee_cat, @cats_of_instagram, and @nala_cat have been making viewers aww since the adoption of their fluffy, too cute to be true, cats. And while there are whole channels dedicated to cats, few channels are mostly about their dogs. Usually, channels like Tiger Productions feature pets from other channels, all jumbled into one video, and not all of then are Dogs.


Health Benifits

It has been scientifically proven that cats’ purrs have healing properties. The frequency of their purr is in the same frequency that increases bone strength, heals tendons and muscles, and relieves pain. And in a pole done recently, people who had dogs were more social, while people with cats tend to be smarter and observant. Much like their counterpart pets!

Caring for Your Own Pet

While most dogs need walks almost every single day, cats are more like house pets and don’t need walks at all. So if you aren’t a morning person, having to walk a dog every single morning seems a little bit out of your comfort zone, doesn’t it? You’ll have to pay a little more for a vacation if you have a dog cause you’ll need to pay for a dogsitter to walk your dogs. Other than that, cats and dogs have the same downsides and benefits.


In my opinion, cats are better than dogs. They are easier to take care of, Have healing properties, and is fluffy and extremely cute. They’re clever and dumb at times, and don’t need to be walked. And you can gain internet followers, all by just posting videos of your cats doing dumb or cute things. Post your opinions in the comments below! Is it cats, or is it dogs?


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