In no way was today’s seventeen minutes outside at the field a protest. If you were there it was for you either a rally, or an excuse to get seventeen minutes out of class. I say this, despite not walking out. Now you may point to me and call me disrespectful or thick-headed but honestly, no more than five kids who were outside really were trying to change something.

First of all, walking out was no way to respect those lost in Parkland. Of course we have to respect them, remember them, honor them. They didn’t die for nothing. They died for something to change, and it wasn’t for a bunch of middle and high schoolers to skip class for seventeen minutes. If you really wanted to offer your condolences to the lost children and adults, you could’ve sent their families a letter or prayed for them at church.

There is no way anyone was really protesting gun laws. If you truly believe strongly about the restriction of guns, you would’ve done this outside of school and took your own time to get your point across, not take seventeen minutes away from that class you don’t like. You can’t for change when you don’t understand it. You leaving a classroom for seventeen minutes isn’t going to save lives, isn’t going to make laws, isn’t going to speak to congressman or senator. It’s sad truth, it’s the hard truth. Im not saying we can’t make a change, I’m just saying that honestly, not many of us care about making a change. You can talk for hours on hours how you will help make laws that will end school shootings, but in reality, none of us are willing to take time out of our lives for that. Were just not up to that level of maturity. It isn’t a crime, we’re not expected to be leading the charge in world politics. That’ll be our job in a decade, when we start to become adults and can take an active role in politics. For now our efforts will be pointless and empty unless your willing to give up something you’d rather be doing, and it’s not school.

This wasn’t seventeen minutes of paying respect, no respect was given. This wasn’t a protest of gun, there was no protesting. It’s clear to me that this was a rally. A rally of ideas that most people who went out can’t even understand. Everyone was doing what their friends was doing, you weren’t going to go out in the freezing cold for seventeen minutes just to be without your buddies. If you really truly would deep down, and your not just saying that to seem like a good person, then bless you because your one out of many. Participating in the seventeen minutes didn’t make anyone a good person, it just showed the will of children to follow their peers just for the sake of being like everyone else. I keep calling and will continue to call it the seventeen minutes because there was no protest today, just empty pleas for a change that could be done in any other way. I’m have to use my own voice, so everyone else can hear their own. This is my opinion, I’ve already seen yours.