By Julian Sferrazza

One day, a normal man named Jorge Garcia, who illegally came to America when he was 10 years old, got deported after living in the United States for 3 decades. This is a common problem that 2 million other people have experienced due to the confusion of DACA.

DACA is something President Barack Obama made to help protect legal immigrants who came here under the age of 16. After President Donald Trump took office, it changed. This has changed the fates of many citizens and caused the falls of many families, which I think is wrong.

I think that if you came here illegally, but it wasn’t your choice due to your age, you should be able to stay in America. There are people being split from their families due to something that happened 30 years ago and that they had no control of. They had no choice if they wanted to stay or to go, but they had to come with their families.

In a New York Times article, a DACA recipient says, “I thought of my own parents, who were forced to move back to Mexico when I was in high school because they had no path to legal status here.” I think that they should keep the DACA program, but with stricter laws, so that you can’t have any sort of negative background and have to be under the age of 16. If anything, I think they should make it so that any person who came here illegally from the age of 18 and under should be allowed to stay in America.

This is the only fair way due to people who came here under the pure influence of their parents, or their aunt, uncles or older cousins. They should allow the young to stay who have done nothing wrong and are trying to make a living either for themselves or the family they have made while they have been in the United States of America. CNN says, “Garcia was deported, after having lived in the United States since he was a child, when his family came as undocumented immigrants from Mexico.” This shows how his past came to get him based on a decision he didn’t make. I am a strong supporter of DACA and everything about it.

After researching this topic, it has opened my eyes to the amount of people’s lives that are getting destroyed by this. They are losing everything after working for decades to build all the way up to where they are, and just lose it in seconds. I have become a strong supporter for DACA to stay and for it to even be less strict for the illegal immigrants who came here with no choice.

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