To an adult, giving an iPhone to their child is to be able to call or reach them when they need to. To a child, their biggest dream just came true. For the use of social media, games, the internet and so much more, is all in their hand in a small tablet. Those parents that just witnessed one of the biggest changes in their child’s life are going to live with regret throughout their child’s teenage years.

The use of technology should be limited and controlled because too many teenage kids are very addicted to their tablets. Since the first iPhone came out, more and more teenagers have surcome to majorly overusing their devices. These habits could be affecting their mental health and their daily lives as well.

In a Ted Talk, a designer named Tristan Harris claims that better technology could protect us from distraction. In his presentation he talks about how in the application, messages could be altered, so if someone messages you, you don’t get a instant notification. Instead, the person receiving the message has a choice of putting the phone on focused mode, which lends the message the person will receive. “Let’s create the highest quality communication and relationships,” said Tristan, when comparing the goal of messages to the human design goal.

The idea of better technology protecting people from distraction wouldn’t work due to one very important factor. Teenage kids and adults are always wondering what they are missing out on. The reason people immediately check their phones when they receive a notification is because they always want to know what is going on. In the article “Negative, Positive Effects of Excessive Social Media Use on Teens Studied,” by the Baltimore Sun, a expert says, “Teens who get hooked on such forms of social media find it hard to spend too much time away from them. Their schoolwork can suffer as a result. So can their personal relationships and their moods.”(2).

Most teenagers are always hooked up on their phones because it keeps them connected with their friends. As a result, they are always cooped up in their houses, constantly with their device. Instead of talking with friends on phones, people should be outside socializing with their friends. It’s a way healthier alternative and there are many activities and other things that you can do. It could be as simple as taking a friend out to lunch or shooting some hoops. Kids should never be sitting at home all day with their devices on social media.

No one wants to be that one person whose whole life is based on using their device. No one wants their grades to fall because they are addicted to using their device. Certainly no one wants to be the person who loses friendships because they overuse their device. Moreover, people shouldn’t be letting their devices take control over their daily lives.

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