Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! came to theaters on December 20, this year. It is about
teenagers who are transported into the video game world of Jumanji, playing the characters they chose.
The actors that are in the new Jumanji are Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen
Gillan, Nick Jonas, and Bobby Cannavale.

In the original Jumanji in 1995, Robin Williams plays Alan Parrish. It is about how he is stuck in the
board game for twenty years, and when siblings Judy and Peter Shepherd find the game,
they play the board game instead of going to school. Also, Peter rolls an eight, and Alan comes back
to real life after they finish playing the board game together!

I liked the new Jumanji because the characters are very funny and there are very funny
movements in the movie. For example, Kevin Hart’s character tries to get the Rhino’s attention
by screaming. The way that he says it is pretty hilarious. My favorite part in the new Jumanji was when the teenagers destroyed the Jumanji video games, so kids could be able to get struck in the video game like they did. Also, it is a good story towards the end! It is a surprise ending that people would think should have happened at the end of the first one.

Someone told me that the new version is the same as the old Jumanji because Nick Jonas
was stuck in the game for twenty years, such a very long time, the same way Robin Williams
was in the original Jumanji movie.

I interviewed Noah Glickman, another 8th grader. He thinks that the new Jumanji was much
better than the original Jumanji movie because it was “less boring and more funny”.
I interviewed another boy, who is another 8th grader. He thinks that the new Jumanji is better
than the old Jumanji from 1995. He said “The new Jumanji because it had better quality. Also
there are different people.”

I interviewed Mrs. Larkin, who teaches 8th grade Social Studies. She liked the scenes from the new
Jumanji. She said “My favorite part of the movie was when they realized they were part of the

I interviewed my mother Ms. Flaim, who likes both Jumanji movies but her favorite one is the first
one because it has Robin Williams and how he was a brilliant comedian. She said “I liked both
Jumanji movies a lot. But my favorite is the first one, because of its star, Robin Williams. He
was a brilliant comedian, and I love any movie he is in. If he did not died prematurely, I am sure he
would have starred in the second movie. (Sorry, The Rock.)

You can be able to watch the new Jumanji on Amazon Prime, Netflix and On Demand. This
is how you can be able to watch this.

Do you think that the new Jumanji is much better than the original Jumanji from 1995 with
Robin Williams- why or why not? We would really appreciate if you would give some comments
on what you think about the new Jumanji.