It would be awesome if we had a world where there is no physical suffering. My nana suffered from cancer and if we had this new technology she could be here today, but sadly she died from the cancer.

Gene editing can stop this. Gene editing is a new scientific method where scientists use technology called CRISPR-Cas9. It is a fantastic technology developed today by scientists. Gene editing is amazing because it could cure diseases that current medicine today cannot. Scientists today, through gene editing, are able to access your DNA and manipulate the makeup up to eliminate undesirable genes. This technology is a new breakthrough for people that do not want to live with diseases. By eliminating diseases, people can have their loved ones around longer. Plus, less people would be getting sick, medical costs would go down, and people suffering from mental diseases can be cured and live a life where they don’t have to struggle everyday.

Millions of people can live a non-suffering life because of gene editing. One way the new technology can eliminate diseases is by going into the cells in the body and taking out the harmful gene. The machine will stitch your DNA and that anti-cancer cell will multiply and keep the cancer in check so you can live longer and hopefully, the non-cancer cell will defeat the cancer cell and the disease will be gone.

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