You are at a fertility clinic. There is a fire. In one corner, you see a clear box, labeled ‘500 Viable Human Embryos’. In the other corner, you see a screaming child, about two years old. You cannot save both. If you try to save both, everyone dies. Who do you save? The answer is clear.

Those who say that life begins at conception– what is the difference between 500 viable human embryos and one child? Is there a difference? Who are we to judge the value of 500 possible children or one child?

In El Salvador, a woman can be jailed for having a miscarriage because she “killed” the baby, even if she cannot control it. El Salvador has the strictest abortion laws of any country in the world— and because of it, 68,000 women die around the world every year as a result of unsafe and illegal abortions, and millions more are living with health complications. Is this the kind of world we want to raise our girls in?

However, in places like Sweden, where the abortion laws are much more lenient, the abortion death rates are much lower. Not only that, but abortion rates are much lower. Sweden offers free contraception, so unplanned pregnancies are very rare. That is what America should be doing— not preventing women from having abortions, but making sure the pregnancies never even begin in the first place.

It is shocking that abortion rights are even an issue. It is so wildly none of anyone else’s business that we shouldn’t have to prove our point. Rather than protesting outside of an abortion clinic, go inside. Find a woman and ask her if she’d like to hear what you have to say. If she says yes, say that you think she should not have an abortion, because you’re going to care for the baby and give it a safe, healthy home. You’re going to pay for her prenatal medicine and astronomical medical bills. You’re going to ensure that her baby lives a long, happy, healthy life. If not, then you don’t deserve to be anywhere near her or her baby.

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