Teachers should not carry guns because they are responsible for their students’ safety.  If teachers had guns in the classroom, it might be scary and dangerous because students could get hurt very badly.

According to an article by Michael Appleton of The New York Times, “Most law enforcement experts argue that teachers should not carry guns. Civilians may be able to hit a bullseye at the shooting range, but they lack the tactical knowledge of handling weapons that trained law enforcement personnel get.”  

According to an article by Anemona Hartocollis and Jacey Fortin of The New York Times, “Accidents happen. Guns can fall out of holsters, be taken from the classroom or accidentally discharge.”

In “Should Teachers Carry Guns? Are Metal Detectors helpful? What Experts Say,” Maureen S. Rush, who is a vice president for public safely and superintendent of the Police Department at the University of Pennsylvania, thinks that carrying guns is a bad idea.  She said, “You don’t want to have a gun that’s available to a student or another worker who may have mental health issues.”

Also according to the article, metal detectors are helpful, “Metal detectors are unlikely to stop a gunman, experts say. But they can be useful in certain contexts, if, for instance, the school is in a neighborhood with high crime or gang activity, where students may try to bring guns or knives into school to defend themselves.” The article does a good job explaining what a lockdown drill is. It says, “In a lockdown drill, everyone in the school practices responding seamlessly to the presence of an intruder. Teachers and students go to a secure location, like a classroom, closet or storage area that can be locked, and move out of sight, away from windows or doors.” With lockdown drills and metal detectors, do you think that teachers should carry guns? Why?

Mr. Papa, our security guard, thinks that teachers should not be carrying guns in the classroom.  He said ‘Bad thing, teachers are not trained.” Mr. Papa feels that ‘teachers should teach and have law enforcement carry the guns.’


Photo Credit: https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/24/us/armed-teachers-states-trnd/index.html


  1. I think that my article is a strong opinion, and I know that some students might feel very strongly about teachers carrying guns! I feel strongly that, teachers should be able to teach their students in the classroom, instead carrying guns while they are teaching their students in the classroom.