By: Abigail Schwab

When will America have enough?

The shooting in Parkland, Florida that happened in February seems to be the turning point of America and gun violence. Mostly students are questioning the higher office officials and demanding stricter gun laws. America has needed this.

The older government officials are just saying “thoughts and prayers.” But I’m questioning how will thoughts and prayers bring back the 17 people that were slaughtered in Parkland? In my opinion, some of the government officials barely doing anything to acquire stricter gun laws, are just showing to me that they could care less about my and Americas safety.

After Sandy Hook, over 400 people have been killed in shootings, according to the New York Times. Marches have been taking place, protests have been taking place. Something is finally happening. Students are taking stands. Children are making their voices heard. When you walk into a school, church, movie theater, concert, you should feel safe. So why don’t I?

How would some of these government officials feel if one of their children were the ones murdered in a school shooting? Then would they finally agree to stricter gun laws? The second amendment was created back when people were allowed to own other people. When it was acceptable for white men to pulverize other black people. When women couldn’t vote. When the entire country wasn’t even created yet. Why is what girls wear to school, more enforced than when a student brings an AR-15 to a high school? How does that sit right with some people?

Change should be coming. Change is coming. America needs change. Australia banned semi-automatic weapons and there have been absolutely zero mass shootings. For the people that are worried about what might happen to America if guns are banned, here’s what happened to Australia. The economy never crashed, people didn’t overthrow the government, and most importantly violence decreased traumatically.

Thoughts and prayers is finally being shamed upon. Those who type “thoughts and prayers” on twitter, and then forget about it for the rest of the day, sicken me. They make me angry. I’m fed up. America is fed up. Are you?

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