By Jessica Valensisi and Sloane Brown

What does privacy even mean to you? Reality is, it’s meaningless. In this day and age, you’ll never be alone. You’re always being watched. Chances are, it could be your Google Home or your Amazon Alexa taking in personal information from your home. As technology improves, even your everyday objects in your home could potentially be spying on you.

Every good piece of technology is open to abuse. Your Alexa (or Google Home) could be used in all the worst ways for the wrong reasons. Police officers that are monitoring the data collected by any voice machine could be using your words against you. Your Alexa could be picking apart details of your life just as you speak. Your webcam could be disguising the person assigned to analyze you as you sleep. Technology was once used to our advantage. These devices are acting as people. They’re turning their backs on us.

The increase for concern about privacy violations is crucial in the upcoming generations. People in society show a major lack of concern for their privacy rights. However, this needs to change. Many people have never realized that even the virtual reality assistants sitting at their kitchen tables can be collecting and selling their personal data and conversations to advertisers.

In most public areas, surveillance cameras are secured for your and others safety. However, watching these cameras 24/7 to protect your safety isn’t usually the most exciting job. Security monitors deal with their boredom by spying on women, targeting people of color, and anything evil you can think of. In 2014, Ciaran McCleave, a “security camera operator”, was “convicted of using police CCTV equipment to spy on a young woman in her apartment”. Not only do we not know if we’re being watched, but we also don’t know who is watching us.

Just the word “privacy” itself has become questionable. Over-detailed pictures of our lives (whether innocent or not) are being sent to a place where thriving businesses can analyze every aspect of our lives. According to WorldViews, “…the doll collects and transmits everything it hears to a voice recognition company..”. In the time that we’re in, innocent things such as dolls are being used in an evil way. We’re all being taken advantage of, and so are small children.

To all the people that are hired to keep the public safe, don’t go after the person who you personally believe is “dangerous” just based of the shirt they’re wearing, or the color of their skin. There’s more to a person than just that, and for all those reasons, we hope you realize that our valuable privacy is being taken away by you.