Throughout the last couple years, the “no homework” debate has been a big deal. Although some people are not sure about whether kids should have homework or not, the answer is clear. Homework does nothing but give kids stress, take away from time that could be spent sleeping or playing sports, cause problems between families and potentially create a lack of social skills.

Homework doesn’t benefit children whatsoever. When you’re a kid, you shouldn’t have any responsibilities- your only “responsibilities” should be to play sports outside, hang out with your family, and sleep. Kids of all ages work so hard in school for almost 8 hours every single day and for most of them, the journey continues with after school sports. As a middle school student, I can easily say that when we get home from school, we are exhausted and simply want to sleep and not stress out about homework.

Younger students especially should not be receiving homework. They’re at an age where they should be exploring what sports and activities interest them. Instead of staying inside and working their butts off doing homework for hours, they should be participating in clubs and team sports. We’ve come to a point in society where teenagers are so addicted to their phones and so used to texting and Snapchatting that when we actually have to talk to someone face to face we are clueless, awkward and at a loss of words. If the younger generation comes home from school and spends time engaging with their families and having conversations everyday then maybe they’ll grow up with good, stable social skills.

Homework doesn’t only stress out kids, but causes stress between families as well. Parents, as well as kids, get stressed when their kids need help on their homework. The parents struggle with trying to help them and feel useless when they realize they are incapable to help. Many articles show that “as parents confidence in their ability to help their child with homework went down, the stress in households went up”. Of course there are two sides to every story; some parents disagree with the debate that their kids shouldn’t get homework. When it comes to that, I personally think that the parents should decide whether or not their kids get homework. Of course, this decision can also lead to stress between families because kids will get frustrated if their parents do want them to get homework.

The question to schools now becomes: Why cause loads of stress between both students and parents when by not doing so you can allow kids to explore their interests, get a good nights sleep and spend time with their families?