When I came to the middle school from El Salvador, I was so nervous. It was my first day of middle school and I didn’t speak English. Esto fue muy difícil para mi.  It was difficult for me.

But, after, I felt confident. This is why.

All my teachers were very nice to me. So, sometimes when I was feeling very depressed, I knew that everyone was happy when I arrived. Now I am very sad because I’m going to the high school, to a cafeteria that looks like a mall, huge, and I am going to miss my teachers at the middle school that made me feel comfortable and safe.

Also, I am very excited. There are times when I felt discouraged because I thought I was never going to do something nice in my life or learn anything. But, now I know that you should never be afraid of anything because you are always going to be alright. Maybe your future is going to make you more than what everyone believes, and maybe your family will feel happy in everything you’re doing well in school.

Furthermore, there are always incredible things for you to live every day. You will have confidence with everything you need, if you are brave. Just ask. There are difficult situations that always arrive, and although you say you can not, you might get to do the most wonderful thing.

Sometimes you never have peace and love in everything, but you will find what’s good for you. Always do the right thing, and I will tell you, my friend, that you will always be glad about doing the positive thing.

Don’t be scared about everything. Be brave.

My parents always give me advice: Siempre se un buen estudiante. Be a good student. They tell me that I always have to be nice to everyone. All the times of your life are important to improve your knowledge and passions and actions. Get the best out of your studies and always be a good student in your life, especially when you want something you do not have. But, remember that you should never be fearful at all.