Drug Effects On Teens


Drugs have affected many different people of all ages. However, the most affected age group are teens, especially in middle school, high school and college. 45 percent of male college students and 42 percent of female college students have used an illegal drug.

There are many different reasons that teens get so caught up in drugs. One of them is peer pressure. Anyone, including friends, can lead someone into traps with drugs and medicine which then leads to addictions. Another leading factor to going into drugs is academic pressure and the competitiveness in today’s world. If someone is so loaded on homework, studying and sports, then they make bad decisions without properly analyzing the consequences of such decisions.

Another important factor, which usually goes unnoticed, is depression or anxiety that is often a consequence of dealing with trauma and/or health issues. When any of these mental or health issues enter someone’s life, it seems that they are not equipped to handle the pressure. Aside from this, we have the media and entertainment industry, which usually represent a negative influence on this matter. Movies often portrait drugs, smoking and drinking, so kids who are exposed to this tend to follow into these footsteps.

As a society, we need to take a more proactive approach to combat substance abuse. We need to learn to recognize depression, need to make ourselves more accessible to provide guidance, and be accountable for the type of message we put forward.