By: Faith Glazarev and Jill Feuerborn

     Wednesday, September 5, marked the start of a brand new school year at North Shore Middle School. For some of us, we’re coming back here as 7th graders and 8th graders, but the new 6th graders are wondering what to expect for their new middle school experience. Everyone seems to have  different thoughts on how they think their first day of school went and how they think it’s going to go this year.

Mr. Papa, our Security guard by the main entrance of the school, says that, with a new Assistant principal starting up this year and Mr. Dennis back here for his 2nd year as principal, that we are going to see some things change about the school for the better.

Mr. Dennis also had a few things he would like to say about the new year. He’s excited that this year he has an E3 squad. They meet in the cafeteria everyday, and he is excited to connect with the students in his E3 squad on a different level than just principal-student. He’s also happy to have all the students back here at school discussing how their summers went and what they are looking forward to this year.

     Even though some of the staff are very excited for this new year, some other people were not as thrilled. Jill Feuerborn in 8th grade was not very excited about school as others. She is sad that her summer had to end so soon and that, on her birthday, she had to go back to school. She is nervous for what the future holds as a new 8th grader here at North Shore Middle School.

6th grader, Luca Carnevale, is excited about his new adventures here at North Shore. He says it’s very different compared to his elementary school. He likes switching classes and having a locker instead of a closet to keep his stuff in. Luca also says he’s nervous but also excited for his new adventure here. Kaleigh Shedlick, a 7th grader here, is not as excited for 7th grade as she was for 6th grade. She says it won’t be as exciting as last year because she kind of knows what to expect about middle school already. But she is happy that she gets to play sports this year and to see her friends.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get ready for this new school year: Teachers, Parents, Administration, and Custodians. We wouldn’t be able to start the brand new school year filled with fun and adventure without you.

photo credit: YM360