What fuels people to rise through social classes and barriers? What fueled slaves to follow the North Star? What is it that pushes people to make incredible innovations? Hope. The chance to succeed and prosper, the chance to build a better future.

But how is that possible when living in a socialist society? It’s not.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels had the intentions of balancing out social classes and helping people to rise up. However, the Communist Manifesto may just have been the start of an extraordinary flawed revolution. Now years after the Russian Revolution and the troubles of yesterday communism and socialism make an entrance to western civilization as far right Democrats push for spending money and free tuition for citizens.

But one may ask why would anyone propose this given how it caused the extraordinary downfall of the Soviet Union? As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. In this time time of uncertainty and chaos citizens and politicians are desperate to save a crippling country. A country possessed by corrupt politicians and troubled ideas.

As a descendant of an immigrant or a long time native, citizens of the the United States must uphold an oath to protect their country and most of all their ancestors’ treacherous journey. They took a journey so their descendants could rise up, so they could have the opportunity to prosper and succeed. But everything anyone has ever done to protect the right for all citizens to prosper is put to shame.

If socialism is not the solution, than what is? What is the solution in this desperate time? It all boils down to the first amendment. People’s right to expresses themselves, vote and make change. If the citizens of the United States of America do not make change, change will not come. If citizens do not make change, their country will surrender to socialism. As one of America’s great presidents, John F. Kennedy, once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”


photo credit: PBS