Top Five Netflix Show Recommendations.

We love Netflix as much as everyone else. It is an easy way to watch great shows and movies, but, when you finish a show you loved it can be hard to find another show just as good. This list will make it easier to find your next favorite show.

1. The Office

People really enjoyed the office because it is very funny. The office is about a group of people that work at a paper company named Dunder Mifflin, they go through many challenges and hardships but even through these ups and downs they are lighthearted and are very funny.

2. Stranger Things

This Sci-Fi show is about kids in Hawkins, Indiana, that come in contact with a monster from a different dimension after he takes their friend Will. In the show you will follow, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven, a girl with peculiar powers as they try and get their friend back from the upside down.

3.  Gossip Girl

In gossip girl there is a mysterious blog written by an anonymous person, they write about all of the center drama between competitive upper class people living in the city. Through out the show you will figure who gossip girl is.


4. Greys Anatomy

This show is about a hospital with high drama between the doctors and even some of the patients. Every episode there is a new challenge that they will have to overcome. This show keeps you on your toes at all times.


5. Friends

This comedy is a classic show. In this show there is a group of six best friends living in New York City still figuring out their lives, every episode will make you laugh.